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Mouse problems

By KoRnToolAPC ·
HI everyone. I am having a weird problem with my mouse. ever since i replaced the hard drive in my system, my mouse has acted really weird. the hardrive was used but reformatted and stuuf so it was cleared. It seems like everytime my computer gets to busy the mouse slows down and like moves kinda chunky and slow and then it will freeze up for a minute and then come back but the mouse wont work so i have to tab and alt around and then restart. also sometimes when i startup it doesnt work right from the beginning so i restart again. my computer is pretty old like from 1998 and has like a 366 mhz processor and 32 Mb ram. i was thinkin of buying a new mouse but now im not sure if thats the problem. PLEASE HELP thanks

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by TheChas In reply to Mouse problems

If I read you correctly, you formatted this new hard drive and installed Windows on it.

If so, you likely need to update a few device drivers.

Start with the drivers for the chip-set on the motherboard.

Next, with 32MB of RAM, you may have too much software running.
You need to reduce the number of programs that run at startup to the bare minimum necessary.

I heartily recommend that you add at least 64MB of system RAM. This alone may clear up your problem.

If you still have questions, please reject this answer and post a comment with as many system details as possible.


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by mc_jp1 In reply to Mouse problems

If you would like to update your drivers get the free 21 day trial of Driverguide Toolkit from www.driverguide.com this will recognize your out of date drivers and then give you the option of udating them and also backing them up in case you loose any in a freek accident. I also recommend that if you want to upgrade anything the first thing you should upgrade is your memory. Hope this helps.

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by OTL In reply to Mouse problems

You are running Windows 98 and mouse is acting stupid. Is the RAM good ? It may be he reason your HD left the system (HD may be good but RAM is bad) ! Try cleaning the contacts on the RAM and its seat, use bond paper just hard enough to feel it rubbing the contact for the RAM, on both the PCB and seat. I performace improves see below !

If ram is EDO or this is a Compaq'd system I would suspect ram; A = not enough or B = bad/not the system required access speed.

FYI - Upgraded my PC to 60ns RAM, PC would not run consistantly, downgraded to 70ns RAM and system was happy, RAM ouput speed to the PC matched, 60ns baffled it/OS on what to do with the data.

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by wlbowers In reply to Mouse problems

Lots of good stuff to think about. Here is some more.

It could be a virus. They can take up cpu time and everything runs slow.


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