Mouse Problems

By inzagh1 ·
My problem is driving me crazy, I don't know what to do anymore. I’m having weird mouse problems when playing games (mouse becomes fast and slow, is inaccurate and sometimes unresponsive), I think it may have to do with electricity as I’ve changed every part of my PC trying to fix the issue and there is no clear explanation why I’m having such problems. I never had such an issue and the last thing in my mind is electricity. I'm thinking about getting a double conversion UPS maybe that would fix my issue? I have good FPS, for example in CSGO I get 500+ fps but the mouse movement is nowhere smooth as it was. I've tried tweaking bios settings, windows settings, of course turned off G-SYNC and V-SYNC, turned off mouse accell and no results. Please, help :C
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Re: mouse

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Mouse Problems

Things to try:
1. Another mouse. Another USB-port.
2. Wired in stead of wireless (or the reverse).
3. Boot into Safe Mode to see if there's a difference.
4. Boot into a Linux disc or stick (free to make) to see if there's a difference.

Please report the results of these experiments.

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too complex

by appltech In reply to Mouse Problems

It might be that you're digging too deep into the problem. Computer mice don't use much power and are not susceptible to power surges (I haven't heard of this anyway).
"Mouse becomes fast and slow" - does it have any DPI controls? Perhaps you're clicking it accidentally.
Also, what about the surface you're using it on? Try gaming-dedicated pads.

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Mouse issue

by Naheed Mir In reply to Mouse Problems

The mouse movement may not be smooth due to various reasons.
I will suggest reinstalling the mouse driver and make sure acceleration
is off. You might check it with another mouse to ensure that it's not a
mouse issue.

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a new mouse in the house

by patriciaslucia In reply to Mouse Problems

I was having similar issues to yours and ended up getting a new one but paid a lot more than expected. Are you blue toothing it? if yes, try a cheaper one with a wire (borrow one) and see how that is first to work out if it is a configuration issue from your settings. Otherwise, if you're getting a new one i'd try to go to a tech shop rather than the normal amazon etc and talk it through with them.

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