Mouse speed too slow even on highest setting

By BlazingEagle ·
Is there a 3rd party application to increase mouse speed beyond Windows XP?s maximum highest speed?

I can only use a trackball & a on-screen keyboard. But for games, Even when using the highest setting in games that have a mouse speed adjustment setting, The speed still isn?t fast enough.

Much thanks!

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What kind of computer do you have?

by NexS In reply to Mouse speed too slow even ...

And what Operating System do you have?

I will, for now, assume you have Windows of some flavour.

In the Control Panel, there is a 'mouse' icon. You can change the pointer sensitivity in there.

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I'm also assuming that you have some form of Windows here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mouse speed too slow even ...

But as you are using a Trackball did it come with it's own Software. Every Trackball that I have ever used even the M$ ones had their own Drivers that allowed you to alter the sensitive independently of the OS.


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Already tried that ...

by BlazingEagle In reply to I'm also assuming that yo ...

It's the Logitech TrackMan Wheel. I've tried their software that comes with the trackball.

As I said, It's Windows XP.

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Updated version?

by TobiF In reply to Already tried that ...
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It's already up to date

by BlazingEagle In reply to Updated version?

I checked to be certain & the software says it's up to date.

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