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Mouse stops working

By sbrager ·
I just installed a Logitech LX5cordless optical mouse for a client. I tested it before turning it over to the client who was quite pleased. 2 days later, she called to say that the mouse wasn't working. Sure enough, she was right. I rebooted her computer and the mouse started working. It wouldn't stop. I left and monitored the client for the rest of the day and the mouse worked.

4 days later, she called again - the mouse wasn't working.

I'm baffled at this point. A search of Logitech's forum proved to be no help although several users had complained about the same problem, there was no resolution except to reboot the computer. I don't accept this as the final answer - Logitech's mouse are quite good. So, I've come for your help.

My client is using WinXP Pro SP2 on a Dell Dimension 2400.

Any suggestions?


Stan Brager

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Check the settings and drivers

by NickNielsen In reply to Mouse stops working

I know it sounds obvious, but check the settings for the mouse in Windows and the USB settings in BIOS. I would also verify that all related drivers are the most recent updates.

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Check the settings and drivers

by sbrager In reply to Check the settings and dr ...

Thanks, Nick. I've downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Logitech. However, I've plugged the mouse into the PS1 mouse port instead of the USB port. I've been thinking of changing to the USB port but haven't really seen the need.


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by NickNielsen In reply to Check the settings and dr ...

Is the interface USB or PS2? An adapter could be the problem.

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by sbrager In reply to PS2?

My goof. It should have been PS/2. The Logitech LX5 mouse's receiver cable is ended with a USB connector attached to the PS/2 converter. I simply used that configuration.

Logitech says that the mouse can be connected to either port with no further recommendations.


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This could be it

by NickNielsen In reply to PS2

I'd suggest, as you said were planning to do, that you try connecting directly to USB. I've had trouble in the past connecting USB keyboards or mouses through adapters.

If this doesn't fix the problem, I don't have any other suggestion other than the good old M$ fallback: Have you tried rebooting?

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This could be it

by sbrager In reply to This could be it

Thanks again, Nick. I've never had any problems connecting USB devices to the PS/2 port provided that the manufacturer stated that the product could be so connected.

Regarding rebooting, the mouse begins to work after rebooting as I mentioned in my description of the problem.

However, I will try connecting to a USB port next week.


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Mouse doesn't work

by astones In reply to This could be it

I have had to deal with this problem on several past occasions. The cause(in most cases) was a faulty connection. If you are using USB connection why not move to another USB port and see what happens.

Alvin E. Stones

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This may be of no help but I'll give it a shot

by OnTheRopes In reply to Mouse stops working

Problem: Setting the mouse down too hard made the batteries lose good contact.

Solution: Clean the battery contacts and batteries with a clean, hard rubber pencil eraser.

Problem: New batteries in mouse didn't work well.

Solution: Same as above and move receiver closer together. Reposition receiver to avoid any interference.

The USB could be overloaded too depending upon what other devices are using USB. I'm not sure what the USB power load is for a mouse and I'm too lazy to look it up. If there are a lot of USB devices, (I have 12) try adding powered USB ports.

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This may be of no help but I'll give it a shot

by sbrager In reply to This may be of no help bu ...

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't think that the problem is mechanical since the mouse starts up normally when the computer is rebooted. My thought is that it may be WinXP related or that I should put the mouse on the USB port instead of the PS1 port.


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For What it's worth

by Quinlin In reply to This may be of no help bu ...

Sorry to hear about the frozen mouse but it is somewhat comforting to me. Running IE 7 the same thing you described interrupts my surfing and NOTHING will reboot it from the keyboard. I have to take the system down and reboot to revive it. I'm using Microsoft wireless mouse which has been highly reliable until these freezes. On 5 occasions of late, the mouse is STILL frozen immeditally after reboot and I have to reboot again. It is beginning to take the fun out of surfing. I have already tried my old trusty LogETech plug-in USB and it makes no difference. So, welcome to the world of "bummers."

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