Mouse that is possessed

By Prent0 ·
I have 2 Win7 pro pc's that the cursors moves around the desktop, clicks on icons and opens files, even does a right click on the desktop to open the properties tab. If the database is open it clicks the icons to open different fields, but never alters any data.
I thought it may have been a faulty mouse so I unplugged it, still does it. Disconnected it from the network in case it was a remote access issue, no. Scanned it with AVG & Malwarebytes, nothing.
If i move the mouse around myself it work perfectly, but about 60 seconds after you stop using the mouse, off it goes on its own.
Any ideas greatly accepted.
Thanks Puzzled. .

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have you checked to see

by PurpleSkys In reply to Mouse that is possessed

if it is an installed screen saver (check programs folder)? You could also try running spybot search and destroy, it scans for different things that malwarebytes doesn't. Also, have you run your scans in safe mode?

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Mouse that is possessed

Are these Wireless Mice? I've seen quite a lot of cross chatter with different WiFi Mice and Keyboards over the years, the mice don't even need to be in the same room to get this.


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Still sounds like someone is connected

by Charles Bundy In reply to Mouse that is possessed

via RDP or VNC remotely. Could there be a bluetooth or wifi connection active? Does the pattern repeat or does it look like someone is moving the mouse? Could also be the windows macro function being used to play back a mouse/keyboard sequence. Do you suspect you are being pranked?

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Reponse To Answer

by william.j.bolt In reply to Still sounds like someone ...

I agree, it really seems like some sort of macro is running in the background. I've seen some shady stuff with macros before. Used a few myself back in the day when I used to online game a lot. Macros would click on the screen for you if you could anticipate where on the screen needed to be clicked.

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