Mouse wont work

By Student. ·
ive had an issue with my mouse over the past few days as sometimes it will work and sometimes not
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Re: mouse won't work

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Mouse wont work

When this happens to my wife, she asks me to put a new battery in her (wireless) mouse. That fixes it for a few months.

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Need more information.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Mouse wont work

What make/model of the mouse and the computer ? MS Windows or Apple computer ? Wireless or corded mouse ? Does the mouse have a physical ball or laser beam for tracking ? If USB, have you tried using a different USB port ? If a wireless mouse, have you checked the mouse settings on the computer as well as the wireless interface ?

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Look for its suite

by Old Molases In reply to Mouse wont work

If its a branded mouse and uses specific suite. You might need to look for its suite and download it to your system.. This might fix it.

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RE Mouse wont work

by cslevin2014 In reply to Mouse wont work

not much I can give but if it's a USB mouse check the cable for snags or it could be the USB slot itself, or if its a Bluetooth mouse check the batteries on it and change them to see if it works. if not it could be the devices drivers which could be corrupted, or need updating

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