Move a computer to a OU depending on user

By Maiketh ·
I want to create a powershell script that can look at the department that a user has in the Organization tab of AD and then move the computer to a correct OU.

I am new to Powershell and not sure if this could be done but my basis to set this out would be to have a text file that has the department names and then next to it have the OU for that department.

Is this possible?

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sort of

by glen.harris In reply to Move a computer to a OU d ...

I have a script which will look at a text file of userIDs and the computers they own then move the computer into the same OU as the user.
Let me know if you think this might be of use.

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try this

by pamarths In reply to Move a computer to a OU d ...

You might want to try this script which helps you in moving the computers based on certain conditions using powershell.

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