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Move a program to a different drive (C: to G:)

By aaasantacruz ·
I have to format my C: drive and I would like to move 1 program to drive G:, I don't have the CD's to reinstall later;
Add-Remove doesn't give this option, and if it does, my windows is so corrupted (even with this) that I have to format.
Does some body know a way to do it?

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by dawgit In reply to Move a program to a diffe ...

a Windows OS here? If the 'program' is a software program. Rule of thumb- You can't. (Files are different, they can be safely moved, most of the time.) In Windows programs get 'embeded' into the OS, (think, a bowl of spaghetti here, that orderly) While sometimes done, (rarely) there's not a great success rate.

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Moving a program....versus..REGISTRY EDITOR

by aaasantacruz In reply to Asuming...

I believe what U say is true.
But the follow article give me some ideas:
Can I try something different;sample
Copy the full program directory to another drive and (note the OS is WXP), go to the Registry Editor and do what ever they recomended?
Test from this directory if the programs works?

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Trying that won't hurt...

by dawgit In reply to Moving a program....versu ...

It does work fine for files. (there is an easier way BTW) but, I won't garuntee it will work with a program (it won't work if the program is running, or is in any way in the memory) at the worst, you'll just get a connection. (and that can be safely deleted)

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