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move data from one server to another

By qb4006 ·
This may seem like a pretty silly question but what is the best way to move/copy a lot of data to another server. I have a 500GB server that I need to retire and copy the data to a new server. Is there a good utility to do this? Doing a giant copy\paste usually brings up errors or other dialog boxes


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xcopy oldserver\segment\*.* \\newserver\data /E /V /C /Q /H /K /O /Y /Z

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by lowlands In reply to move data from one server ...

The above will work. But I would recommend using robocopy instead.
Run robocopy /? to find the switches you might want to use.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to move data from one server ...

You could always use the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard that comes with the new Box's Windows Installation.

You can chose to copy just Data or the settings as well if required though I wouldn't recommend the latter option.


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500GB worth of data and you're recommending the file and settings transfer wizard? are you kidding?

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by thefrown In reply to move data from one server ...

I would utilise Robocopy for this task (assuming this is a Windows based system). You can schedule robocopy to run overnight via batch job. Typically, I would schedule the job to run on the source server to run under an account with administrative rights on the destination box. There are also a lot of switches you can apply, for instance when scheduling a recurring task you can copy only modified files, etc. I would also recommend you pipe the activity to a log file by adding a >>\logfile.txt (for example) to the end of the command, so that you can study what has occurred. It is part of the Windows 2003 Resource Kit Tools, available from the following link:

Study the switch options available and try on a small set of files first; for instance there is a /R:n switch that sets the number of retries on failed copies - the default is one million (you may want to change this to something like 3!).

I have found robocopy to be one of the most useful bulk copy tools available.

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by VinnyD In reply to move data from one server ...

The fastest way I have ever found was to take the old server hard drive and plug it into the new server and copy direct disk to disk.

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by multiplexed In reply to move data from one server ...

Microsoft has a fileserver migration toolkit that might be worth looking into. There's also third party migration tools. These tools may help keep user accounts, shares, permissions, and other features intact.

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Migrate the Data by using DTS

by demolitiondav In reply to move data from one server ...

For Microsoft, there is an Import / Export DTS program that allows a simple migration of Data. For SQL -> MySQL you will need to download the MySQL ODBC Driver. Works the same way with other types of Databases.

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