move DC and DNS server to a new machine

By yas13899 ·

I have searched this topic but can't find a strict answer to my case

I have one DC server in my domain, which is also a DNS server. I implement a static IP addressing system on the 150 workstations in my network.
I need to move this server to a new faster machine, and move also the original server name and IP addressing to the new machine. So that I won't have to change all the 150 workstations network configuration.

Please advice me what should I do

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Set up the new machine

by straightp In reply to move DC and DNS server to ...

have the new machine up and running and replicating with the old machine. When everything is up and running correctly shut down the old machine and the new machine should pick up the slack seemlessly. Only an idea though.

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Set up the new machine

by Dumphrey In reply to move DC and DNS server to ...

and have it run DNS and AD. Set this server as the SECONDARY dns serevrf or the domain in DHCP on the first server. Once its integrated and synched with the other server, enable dhcp on the second server and build your set up to match the first server, but put the new server as the primary dns server. Turn off dhcp server on old server and enable on the new server. Now, you should have 2 servers, with the same info, and server 2 providing DNS and DHCP.
If you are going to remove the old server from the net, google "Moving FSMO roles" so that the new server contains all the roles.
Turn off the old server. The new server should now be providing AD, DNS, and DHCP with no need to change anything but static assigned dns entries. An this can be avoided by changing the IP on the new server to the ip of the old server after hours.

No problems running both servers at the same time with AD and DNS. You need to to get full replication. ONLY 1 DHC server running at a time. Can switch between pretty quickly by configuring and switching which server is providing service by stopping/starting the service in the control panel.
FSMO roles MUST be moved to the new machine before the old one is removed from the domain and or decommissioned.

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by yas13899 In reply to Set up the new machine

thank you alot :-)

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