Move email/calendar from Outlook 2010 to Microsoft 365

By BoulderRidge ·
I am preparing (not without trepidation) to move a home email account in Outlook 2010 (Windows 7) onto a new laptop with Microsoft 365 (Windows 10). The old setup has a lot of folders and I need to move folders, inbox, sent items, contacts, and calendar. I would appreciate any recommended articles/links or advice. The one that has been helpful so far is: by Diane Poremsky. I am semi-comfortable dealing with PST files which appears to be the route to go. My areas of concern/weakness in a nutshell are:
1. I want all the older folders and emails to live on the laptop, not in the cloud--they are largely just for reference. Do I need to do anything specific to achieve this?
2. I want to continue to access this email account from my phone (Android), from a Gmail web page, and from Outlook on the new laptop. Do I need to do anything specific to achieve this?
3. I want to set up my calendar so I can access it from my phone as well as the new laptop and share it with other family members. This may be a separate topic but any pointers here would be great.

Thanks very much!
- BoulderRidge
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The short answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Move email/calendar from ...

Is that you don't want Office 365 since it is what it is.

Why change from 2010 since it runs fine on Windows 10?

All I've ever had to to is to remove 365, install the old Office and move files to the new install.

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Food for thought.

by BoulderRidge In reply to The short answer.

Hadn't considered that. But i dont have the license or install materials to put Office 2010 on the new laptop.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Food for thought.

But I read above you had 2010 as you appear to use it. I didn't want to rehash all about 365, it's cloud base system, yearly subscription and how it often fails to keep the organization folk are used to in Office 2010 to 2019. Even if you get 365 with a PC (most often, preinstalled) it's just a trial version. and other discussions cover how to find the product key on your old PC and where you might find a download for your old office. I will not discuss if this is piracy or such as that's beyond the scope of the discussion.

If you must buy a new Office then you want Office 2019 or wait till the next version.

-> If you want to break free from Outlook, consider Thunderbird as noted at

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3. Sharing the laptop.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Move email/calendar from ...

Let's tackle that one. For Windows 10 you would create accounts for each user and be sure to log out when you are done with the laptop.

Or set Windows to require a password when the machine has been left unused for some time.

-> Let me write a pre-emptory NO that folk would use a single Windows Account for more than one user. Why no? So many priors! Don't go there.

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Sharing calendar from different devices

by BoulderRidge In reply to 3. Sharing the laptop.

Thanks, but to clarify i was wanting to share access to an Outlook calendar with another person from a different device. I thought with 365 this was feasible.

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Possible with 365, Outlook, Thunderbird (with addons), Google Calendar and

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Sharing calendar from dif ...

But your top post seemed to dismiss the cloud.

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Is the cloud all or nothing?

by BoulderRidge In reply to Possible with 365, Outloo ...

For the purpose of sharing a calendar I recognize it will require an online version. My comment 'older folders and emails to live on the laptop, not in the cloud' may be out of ignorance or an underlying hesitation to expose more data online than necessary--but what I was thinking is most of these email folders are rarely accessed and I don't need to get to them from anywhere other than the laptop, so why store them in the cloud? So this discussion is helping me sort out what may be possible (without extreme difficulty) and what is not possible:
1. Can I use Microsoft Outlook 365 for email on the laptop without putting all my old Outlook filing system in the cloud? Or is it 'all or nothing' - local or cloud for everything Outlook?
2. I am open to doing the shared calendar in a different tool if that is the only reason to store everything in the cloud.
3. Given your previous comments I have not ruled out going back to Office 2010. But I use 365 at work without major issues so do you see specific advantages to 2010? My usage is mainly Word and Excel documents and an Access database I created long back for mailing lists.

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Remember that we would be rehashing prior discussions so I'll try to keep

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is the cloud all or nothi ...

Trying to keep it short. From Microsoft:
"If you have an Office 365 account and configure it to Outlook, the mails are always stored in Microsoft cloud. And if you configure a Google account in Outlook, the emails are stored in Google's server.Apr 4, 2018"

This means that for folk that want emails to live only on a laptop, the 365 product is rarely an option. And to use Outlook 365, you'll have an Office 365 Microsoft Account (they force this&gt

For the security and control I think you are asking for, it would most likely be some Thunderbird for email, and the calendar could be any number of other solutions.

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