move Exchange 2k3 from a Windows 2k DC computer

By PhilipLiu ·
My problem is that my company has an Exchange 2k3 Server running on top of a Windows 2k Server, which also happen to be our Domain Controler.

Now, my project is to move the Exchange 2k3 Server to a standalone computer.

Can Anyone give me some idea how can I do this and also minimize down time?

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This is not difficult

by scndtnr In reply to move Exchange 2k3 from a ...

Moving Exchange 2k3 to new hardware is a pretty straight-forward process, and there's a wealth of information on how to do it. Google "exchange 2003 move to new hardware" and you'll see what I mean. Boiled down, the process is: Install Exchange on the new server (which should be a member of the domain), move the mailboxes, make sure the clients point to the new server, uninstall exchange from the old server.

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Re: This is not difficult

by PhilipLiu In reply to This is not difficult

thank you for your reply.

Before I posted my question up here, I did google it, but almost all the articles I read, they don't involved exchange running on the same box with the DC, and because of that, I thought I should ask around before I do anything.
So, one more questing, what else should I pay attention to when I doing the move? since my exchange runs on tops of the DC? they both have the same name as thwin2k, so when I builde the new exchange should I use a different name? or should I keep it the same?
once again thank you

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by philldmc In reply to Re: This is not difficult

We ended up replacing our Exchange server, I figure the concept is simular..

We left the current Exchange along, Install new exchange, joined domain. Moved all mailboxes over from the old exchange to the new Exchange and then removed old exchange.

There are steps that must be taken for installing and proper removal. I don't recall changing anything on the clients.

Google moving mailboxes from one exchange to another.

Hope this helps..

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