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    Move from server 2000 to new server 2003


    by alederer ·

    I am looking at installing a new primary server at a small business. Their old server is running 2000 server(primary domain controller) and the new will be running 2003 server standard. They are running a few network based softwares on the old server. What will be the best way to transition everything to the new server. Could I upgrade the old to 2003, do a tape backup and restore that backup to the new server? Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated

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      by advancedgeek ·

      In reply to Move from server 2000 to new server 2003

      There is a lot going on there, and I suggest you hire someone to migrate it.

      1) the market is tough for us poor IT folks.
      2) a lot could go wrong there

      Really there is too much not listed to just give you a list of what to do…so:

      If you can’t afford to hire someone: just install new machine, dcpromo, allow to replicate, slowly stop services on the old, and allow the new to take over. Make a backup before you do anything (include system state) and for the love of god, please test the backup to make sure it works…more people lose their jobs b/c they don’t CHECK THEIR BACKUPS.

      in either case…good luck. 🙂

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