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By smallsol ·
Can I take my boot drive out of my old machine and put it in a new machine without losing anything? I'm running Vista Home Premium.

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From my own experience...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to move hard drive

sometimes yes, sometimes no. It appears to me to depend on whether or not the mobo recognizes it as a proper boot drive. I have moved several boot drives to one machine from another. I always use ASUS boards and AMD chips. Only once have I NOT had to redo the drive.

Back up your data before you make the change.

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Need more info

by JohnSmyth In reply to move hard drive

Your description leads me to believe that you want to take a boot drive from another computer and install it into a newer computer running Vista? Just install it as the slave with your Vista drive and you can access the data (as long as there are no NTFS permission issues).

If the old boot drive was formatted with the FAT file system, then no problems. If it was formatted with NTFS, then you may have a problem accessing data in the 'my documents' folder. Also, any encrypted files will be inaccessable as well. I'm pretty sure that creating an account on the Vista machine with the same user name and password as the old boot drive would not work. The old user account used to create 'my documents' would still have its own security identifier associated with it.

Anyways, it would be easier to burn all of your docs to CD or DVD and copy them to Vista. If you just need extra space, then reformat the old drive after copying everything over.

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My Exp.

by w2ktechman In reply to move hard drive

If you are trying to move the boot drive to be the boot drive of another system, it is best to rebuild it (backup data first).
Unless the system is very similar, you will exp. a BSOD.

If you are trying to put the boot drive in another system as a slave, this should work fine as long as permissions are ok, and it was not encrypted.

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