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Move HDD with 2000 to new PC?

By KenLea1 ·
Novice techie question - need to upgrade Win2000 peer-to-peer workstation, need to preserve OS and network/program settings. Any reason why I cannot simply swap out the hard drive from the old machine and install in new PC? Old drive is 30Gb Maxtor IDE ATA 100 in good condition - should plug and play if advanced graphic settings etc. are disabled, and when motherboard drivers are reinstalled, should pick up network settings. Will initially preserve Win2000 Pro settings, then upgrade to WinXP Pro. If precautions are taken (i.e. installing Recovery Console before swapout), I can't see a problem in getting new PC to boot with old hard drive. Seems simpler than cloning or imaging the drive or doing a manual data transfer, or a Files and Settings transfer with XP. Am I missing anything?

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Move HDD with 2000 to new ...

I've done this many times. When you pop the HD into the new PC, you'll just have to be prepared to reinstall the drivers. Also, dial-up connection will still point to the modem on the old PC.

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by TheChas In reply to Move HDD with 2000 to new ...

It depends on how similar the Hardware Abstraction Layers are on the 2 PCs.

Microsoft has a very detailed process for moving a hard drive with W2K installed to new hardware.

Back up the system less the H.A.L.
Format the hard drive on the new hardware.
Install Windows.
Restore the backup.

I have not tried this myself, but I have been told that if you make your first boot from the Windows CD, run setup, and perform a repair installation that it will work.

Check out this link for more information:


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by pctech In reply to Move HDD with 2000 to new ...

The repair installation almost always works for me and keeps everyting in place as well. The installation will offer you two chances to do a repair. Always choose the second time it offers you a repair install. This will be when you asked which partition you want to install to. Type R for a repair installation. You will also need to install any drivers for all the new hardware being used. You are correct to install the motherboard drivers after making the repair installation, even if Windows seems to have installed them for you already. Windows will usually install generic drivers that will cost you performance.

I hope this helps you.

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by wlbowers In reply to Move HDD with 2000 to new ...

Very simple though it takes a few steps.

Put the drive in the new computer.

If the computer is not set in bios to boot to the CD before the hard drive you must enter bios and change it.

This is called an OS Inplace Upgrade.
Windows Knowledge base article.
2k Q292175
XP Q315341

Insert the Windows 2000 Setup CD into the CD-ROM drive, start the computer, and then press a key to start from the CD-ROM when prompted.

Windows will preload drivers and proceed to the: Welcome to Setup.

On the Windows 2000 Setup screen, press ENTER to run the: To set up Windows 2000 now, press Enter command.

Click Accept to accept the License Agreement.
Setup should now detect your installation.

When you are prompted to repair the existing Windows 2000 installation, press R.

Windows 2000 Setup performs an in-place upgrade of the existing installation. Note that you might lose some of your customized settings for the system files.

Good Luck Lee

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