Move mouse on extended display.

By Healer ·
I have a Windows 7 system on Compaq Presario laptop. When I plug in another monitor to extend the display I find all the programs stay on the screen of the laptop while the mouse would stay on where it has been before the change. So sometimes the mouse is on one screen while all the programs are on another and I can't move the mouse to another screen where all the programs are. Sometimes the mouse and all the programs are on one screen but no way can I move either the mouse or the programs to another screen which is active but totally blank.

I wonder what is holding it up.

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Double-click the window title bar

by seanferd In reply to Move mouse on extended di ...
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I tried again it didn't help.

by Healer In reply to Move mouse on extended di ...

I wonder if it has anything quirky about this laptop.

If I am using the second screen, the one other than the laptop, and I extend the display my mouse would be on the second screen but my running programs would be on the first screen where the laptop is.

If I extend the dispaly at the laptop so both mouse and the running programs are all on the laptop screen which is the first screen I call it I will never be able to drag it over to the second screen. When I get to the border the program interface would just expand like what Windows 7 is supposed to do. It expands the window and attaches to the border.

I wonder if it has anything to do with Windows 7 feature. However I am not too sure how to turn this feature off to test it. The feature that would attach the window while it is on the edge.

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Try this

by unhappyuser In reply to Move mouse on extended di ...

Did you change the operation mode from single display?


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I've got it working.

by Healer In reply to Try this

The position of the monitor relative to my laptop was in the wrong position.

I changed the positions in the settings and it has worked since.

I am not too sure of your question though. I suppose you asked if I had extended the display and I had.

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Do you mean

by NexS In reply to I've got it working.

That you needed to push the mouse left in order for the mouse to arrive on the right screen?

The settings you changed, like here?:

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