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move to another position with less salary!

By fatchai ·
hi :

I need to relocate from Business A to Business B due to some organization restructure. I've informed my current boss (he is from business B) that the salary package in business A were different than business B and we need to disucss this beofer any decision has made. But my boss seem ignore/forgot about it and contineue to work on my relocation. Now i am in a situation that i will move to business B very soon but will receive less salary package once i move out from business A. What should i do now? Can i say NO to my boss that i don't want to move?
(Assume Business A will stil keep me if i don't move to Business B)

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by Black Panther In reply to move to another position ...

Is the job in Business B exactly the same as in Business A?? ie will you have the same responsibilities and job functions??

Can you see a reason for the salary difference??

Are there opportunities in the new business to advance your career and earn more salary?. Ask your boss.

Are others being relocated and also receiving a drop in salary for the same work ( that you may know of )??

Otherwise arrange another meeting with your boss to remind him of the drop in salary. Ask him to detail the differences in the jobs pertaining to the level of salary.

Ask him do you have a choice???

If you don't and he/she won't budge -- take the new job and decide if the salary drop is worth it or not.

If it's not and you have no choice you may want to seek alternative employment.

At least you will be getting paid whilst you are looking! :)

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by korgmeister In reply to move to another position ...

you have to think about why you dont want to move beside the salary rate..

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be more assertive with the boss or visit HR

by Deadly Ernest In reply to move to another position ...

You need to be more assertive with the boss and point out to him that you can not move until you sort out what is happening re the salary as you cannot afford that big a drop in salary. If the organisation need you to move then they should be matching or raising your salary package.

I would also start looking about for other employment as you may need to take a different job altogether to maintain your salary level.

Whether you can say no or not depends upon the conditions of your employment, have you said yes to the shift at any stage, if so did you qualify it. If you are under contract it would be hard for you to say no but it should be easier for you to maintain the salary package as set out in the contract. A lot will depend upon the industrial relations conditions of your work.

Without knowing what state or country you are in it is hard to say much more. In most western countries it is usually very hard to reorganise and force someone (other than managers) to take a lower paying position except as a disciplinary action.

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Constructive Dismissal

by JamesRL In reply to be more assertive with th ...

In Canada, there is a legal concept called constructive dismissal, where a situation like yours occurs. If its found to have occured then the employee can sue. It often happens to women coming back from parental leave - it happened to my wife.

If this is not the case in your jurisdiction, you may want to do a hard assessment of the options. If the market is bad for IT in your area, you may have to suck it up, but it should spur you into lookig elsewhere for the long run. If the market is good, make a stand and be prepared to leave.

Look at the position of the company. If they appear to be on a trail that leads to oblivion, cut your losses now. If you think there is a chance for them to turn around, consider putting up with it.


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Start applying for other jobs

by countrytechie In reply to move to another position ...

When you boss gets the calls for a recomendation he will get the message. If he wants to keep you he will work something out. If he doesn't want to keep you, well, you need some job offers then anyway.

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by bcgreaves In reply to move to another position ...

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Quit Spamming!

by WhiteKnight_ In reply to Washington DC area??? pl ...

Don't try to hijack other's threads!

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