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Move Users' Profiles between 2 Servers

By maccheung ·
Hi, my company just added another windows 2003 server and we decided to move all users' home directory and their roaming profiles to that new server. Instead of modifying all user's properties one by one, is there any utilities or more efficient way to get this done?


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by 5jgibbs In reply to Move Users' Profiles betw ...

if the computer are relatively the same.. "hardware wise" you can just swap out the hard drives.. if not.. ahh.. you can use a peace of backup software and back up Active Directory users and computers..

but it depends on your setup.. so what?s your setup?? :)


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by LiamE In reply to yes

If you are using SBE editions btuser.exe is the chap I think.

As Jeremy says there are quite a few ways to do it in full versions of windows server depending on your setup and what flavours the servers are.

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Questions still?

by maccheung In reply to

We are using 2 windows 2000 and I just setup another windows 2003 server. Not SBE. I know that I could just backup all the Home directory and roaming profiles from the old windows 2000 server than restore it on the windows 2003. The problem is how to change every user's properties to redirect them to the new location. I don't want to modify them one by one. Thanks

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by 5jgibbs In reply to Questions still?

If im not mistaken, cant you do that through groups??

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by maccheung In reply to ???

I'm sorry. What do you mean?

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by 5jgibbs In reply to

BTW.. I just sent a message out to a very seasoned network admin that has just switched from a 2000 DC server SP4 to 2003 Dell poweredge server.. so he had to do a large 2000+ user migration, so I sent him an email, I will reply back if he knows of a very simple way

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by maccheung In reply to ohhh

Thank you very much.

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try ADmodify

by mike.walker In reply to Move Users' Profiles betw ...


Typically used for changing Exchange info on batches of users, but works on most common fields that you see in ADUC (City, Address, etc.) It has the Profile tab and should let you do "\\newserver\share\%username%" to bulk modify the profile path. You'll have to copy the users' actual data to that location using something like Robocopy.

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ADUC itself does it

by mike.walker In reply to try ADmodify

Highlight a bunch of users, right-click, Properties - the Profile tab is one that can be edited for groups of users.

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