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movie from scratched disc

By hi_min2 ·
movie that is loaded from a scratched disc on harddisk donn't play continuously i.e picture becomes hang or torn as in scratched there anyone who can tell me how to play movie smoothly?or is there some kind of software available?

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by trockii In reply to movie from scratched disc

The stored movie is stored with the scratches on it. I am unaware of any software that will remove scratches from it. If there is such software it might be cheaper just to buy a new movie.

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by house In reply to movie from scratched disc

If the layer that holds the data is scratched, then you are out of luck.

If the scratch is only on the plastic, and is interfering with the laser, you can use clear nail polish or toothpaste to fill in the cracks. Make sure that the disk is smoothed out again by wiping it in with something like waxed paper, then cleaning it up with a cloth. I'm not kidding either, I used to fix old PSX games like this, unless of course the data itself was scratched off.

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to movie from scratched disc

You can buy a disc cleaning & repair kit which might help. I work in a community college computer lab and our CDs take a beating, but we can usually get them working again by treating with the "kit". Good luck.

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