Movie Maker Opens but stops working and closes automatically

By skeet5050 ·
1. I have created a sizable movie in movie maker and everything appeared to be working correctly.
2. I started getting an error stating that some of the files had been moved or changed and must be deleted from the movie. I did find some imported that seemed to be missing, but Movie Maker would ot let me delete them. Everytime I tried, a message popped up stating that there was some kind of error and the program was ended. It also had 2 buttons "Report Problem" and "Do not Report" (not exact wording).
3. Now when I open Movie Maker, I just get the Report/ Don't Report buttons.

I thought about reloading Movie Maker over the top of the old one, but thought I would ask first.

Any ideas? HELP!!!!!

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Movie Maker 2.1?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Movie Maker Opens but sto ...

If so, that version is installed with Service Pack 2. I don't believe there is a separate install available except maybe through Windows Update. In which case, you'll have to uninstall it first. But I would make that a last step.

first... with MovieMaker 2.1 the most common crash issues are related to incompatible codecs installed on the system.

By chance, do you have InterVideo WinDVD on your system? If so, let me know.... I have a fix that worked for me involving a codec from it that is picked up by MovieMaker.

Here is a good source for MovieMaker problem resolutions:

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movie maker 1 was a whole lot better

by jpom22 In reply to Movie Maker 2.1?

as usual, the simpler, older version was not only easier to use, but gave you options you dont get with mm2... like saving as a simple .avi - no, good ol bill had to come out with DV-avi, which not only sucks, but doesnt maintain aspect ratio, just goes right ahead with one format that only works with a dvd player or with higher screen res... someone oughta put that little twerp outta business some day.

now i gotta go buy another empty used puter and load xp pro all over again, cause i'm certain i wont be able to uninstall mm2 and reinstall mm1.

so i just thought you might find all this interesting... or not. merry xmas. bah! humbug!

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