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By mikeadams1137 ·

I have a close friend, who lost someone dear to her. She had her new camera, and she thought she was taking pictures of him at their last dinner, before he passed away, but instead...she took a bunch of 2-3 sec movies...with the movie feature.

I need to get these pictures to her ASAP, I've had her waiting, and have been unable to figure it out, is there a way to break the movie down into frames, then save the frames as .jpg or another format to print out?

I am throwing in the towel, and would apprecaite assistance.

Thanks Guys,


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This will likely require

by Tig2 In reply to Movie -- > Pictures

Video editing software.

If you don't have it, find a friend with a Mac- it's native there. At least on the MacBook.

Freeze frame the pics and save as .jpgs. But you need the video editing software.

Take your time and verify everything. This is once in a lifetime and has to be taken cautiously.

I understand- maybe better than you know.

Edit- missed a vowel

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I thought so too...

by mikeadams1137 In reply to This will likely require

I have AVS Video Tools..It was like $40, and can do virtually anything, I think I just need to learn myself how to do know anything about AVS video tools?

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Hate to admit

by Tig2 In reply to I thought so too...

I don't.

I've used GIMP and Paint Star to fix jpgs, but have never had a need to isolate a frame.

I will put a shout out to people on the board who might have knowledge, but I make no guarantees.

If your tool is Windows based, it is likely that you will be just fine without a tutorial. The strength of Windows is that there is commonality between programs written for it.

Best of luck!

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Still need help?

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to I thought so too...

I have experience with extracting individual JPGs from videos.

Here's a tutorial for capturing single frames using AVS Video Tools:

I hope this helps.
Sorry I didn't catch your post sooner.

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