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Movies - November 18th

By Tink! ·

A little slow for action lovers, but a good thinker. Slightly predictable with a not quite so predictable ending. A nice little suspense movie.

The Cottage

This - was actually pretty funny! I think the DVD cover called it a dark comedy - and that's really what it was. It stirred in a bit of gore and horror to make it quite entertaining for everyone. Might have to watch it again before returning, so my daughter can see it (it was too late on a school night for her when my SO and I watched it.)

Dark Floors

I have little respect for movies labelled under Horrorfest, and am starting to have the same amount of respect for movies under this Ghost House label as well.

This particular movie was dark, ominous and creepy. But in the end made no sense and left you feeling confused and disappointed. Bleh. And that's coming from ME- the non-picky movie watcher!

Corporate Affairs

Very uncomplicated story. I found it humorous and light-hearted enough to be enjoyable, albeit somewhat slow and long.

Funny Games
Made you watch by keeping you guessing what was going to happen. But threw in some really strange moments that didn't make any sense. They were either added to further purport the idea that the killers were psychotic, or thrown in simply to stir things up in the movie. Who knows.

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by GSG In reply to Movies - November 18th

I'm looking forward to seeing Twilight. A friend loaned the book to me, and I was impressed.

Of course, I have to go see Quantum of Silence this weekend just to see Daniel Craig. grrrrrrr

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Twilight hype has peaked my curiousity

by Tink! In reply to Twilight

Although typically, it wouldn't be a movie I'd seek out. The hype however, and the fact that so many girls and boys love the books has got me curious as to what it's all really about.

I read a story about the town Forks, and how they've been affected by the books. (Incidentally the author never actually visited Forks before writing the books.)

I'll probably try reading the book first before I seek out the movie.

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nearly forgot about Hellboy

by Tink! In reply to Movies - November 18th

watched Hellboy 2
Entertaining with action and humor.
I still wish they'd left Liz's fire blue though. Think it looks cooler that way.

Anyone know how the movies compare to the comic books?

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Watched that

by maecuff In reply to nearly forgot about Hellb ...

at the gym this morning. I'm going to have to go back and walk again tonite to try and catch the ending.

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Watched that

I finally saw the first Hellboy this past weekend. Liked it a lot so I added Hellboy 2 to my Netflix list and hope to see it soon.

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