Moving 5 users to a remote office.

By lmayeda ·
3 users from a networked office and 2 users from a workgroup office will be moving to a new office(workgroup). They will all be accessing the centrol network server via Remote Desktop. They will be sharing printers (static IP addresses for the port#) but not much more. Should I create a new workgroup for the 5 users (new profiles) or will I encounter "issues" with the 3 previously networked accounts and their remembered profiles if I kept them as is?

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by oldbaritone In reply to Moving 5 users to a remot ...

<i>"They will all be accessing the centrol network server via Remote Desktop."</i>

Are they Terminal Server clients? If so, the workgroup probably doesn't matter much either way. How big is the entire network? 10-20 users, thousands, or what? It's a little unclear how the network functions.

<i>"will be moving to a new office"</i>
"New office" as in a different room in the same building within a few feet, or "new office" as in somewhere else and you're tying them together? It's hard to give a good suggestion since I don't understand the scope of what's happening.

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by lmayeda In reply to Confused

There are currently 2 offices a few miles apart. Users from these 2 offices will be setting up a new warehouse several miles away. All of these users will be terminal service clients. The entire network is about 30 users. The remote users will be accessing a couple of business applications and shared folders on the application server at the main office. 2 users from one of the offices were part of a workgroup. 3 users from the main office will be moving to the warehouse. One of the 3 is the controller and he will be traveling back and forth between the new warehouse office and the main office. They will all be printing locally and remotely.

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I think you answered your question

by mafergus In reply to Clarification

The job function will determine how the people need to connect and what resources to which they need access. If they are all on terminal services, then they should maintain their current affiliations and simply add whatever they need at their new location.

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unsure about workgroup setting

by lmayeda In reply to I think you answered your ...

I was unsure whether I should unjoin 3 of the users from the domain and have them join a common workgroup at the new warehouse. I'm wondering if they are not all on the same workgroup, will they have problems sharing the "networked" printers even if I assign them fixed IP addresses for the port#.

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