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    Moving a data center


    by kurt ahrens ·

    I need to move a data center to an alternate state, Does anyone have a WBS ms project template of an enterprise data center move? I do not want to re-invent the wheel, but need this template to cross reference the current work break down structure we are using?

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      We’re in the same boat

      by fjcohen ·

      In reply to Moving a data center

      Im looking for the same task list, we are most likely in different industries. I just started one today. I have experience doing htis a few times, but times change.
      Whay dont we set up a time to speak?

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      Moving DC

      by guy.barkan ·

      In reply to Moving a data center


      I got the same task from my company.
      could you help and kindly share the WBS MS-Project template you have to use as a cross referance.

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        WBS for DC Move

        by llcpld ·

        In reply to Moving DC

        I am moving my companies DC, this will be my first major project. It looks like you guys started your projects last year. Does anyone mind sharing the WBS for your move with me? I’ll be sure to return the favor for anyone else who comes along. No need to re-invent the wheel.
        Thanks in advance.

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      WBS MS Project template

      by louindc ·

      In reply to Moving a data center

      If you have an MS Project template for an office move, please send me a copy. I am going through my third office move in two years.


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