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    Moving a Domain to Company Server


    by mtorres7 ·

    Currently our domain is residing at our ISP servers. I need to know what neccesary equipment / Server / routers / etc. is needed for the administration of the domain at the company server. Also need to know what microsoft components needs to be installed.

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      What domain?

      by garnerl ·

      In reply to Moving a Domain to Company Server

      “Domain” in this context usually means domain registration, DNS and possibly web hosting. Is the ISP actually hosting your Active Directory servers?

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        “Web Page”

        by mtorres7 ·

        In reply to What domain?

        The ISP is hosting the web page. At the company server, there is Small Business Server 2003, and we are evaluating if upgrading to SBS-2008 or install the components individually.

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