Moving a Exchange 2003 Server that is on a DC to a new box

By thaley ·
A client that I just picked up has a Windows 2003 server running Exchange 2003 on a Domain Controller. I have two new Windows servers to replace the one (current) server. My Question is what is the best way to move Exchange? Do I setup the new boxes (One as a DC and the other as the Exchange Server) with a new Domain name? I was planning to setup the DC a new Domain name. Then setup the new Exchange box also in that new Domain, and then migrate Exchange over.

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A whole lot easier ...

by Churdoo In reply to Moving a Exchange 2003 Se ...

... if you keep the same domain. Why do you want a new domain name, for a technical reason or non-technical reason (like a business name change for example)? If the reason for the domain name change is simply administrative, then consider bringing up the new servers into the existing domain, and then use the DOMAIN RENAME process in Server 2003 after you complete the migration and demote the old server.

If you bring up a new domain name from the start, you'll need to use the ADMT to migrate user and computer accounts, and you'll have to bring up the separate exchange organization and EXMERGE all of the user mailboxes into the new exchange server.

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Changing the Domain name (Not doing it)

by thaley In reply to A whole lot easier ...

I was told by some one that I thought knew Exchange to install the new servers in a different domain name. After checking I found out he didn't know Exchange, so I am going to have the new Servers Join the existing Domain. What is the best way to get the Server data and Exchange over to the new Server boxes? Do I do the Exchange first? Thanks

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what the end result your looking for?

by CG IT In reply to Changing the Domain name ...

what are you really trying to do here?

do you want to move exchange to it's own box? replace an old aging box that has the DC role AND also hosts exchange with a new one?

note: you can put an exchange server on a network with another exchange server and the new one will recognize automatically that there is another exchange server on the network. you can then configure the new Exchange to be the primary [bridgehead/front end/backend/cluster] Exchange server without a lot of effort. Its sorta like adding a DC to an existing network. Not much to do for the new DC to work as one except wait for replication.

Though the new Exchange does require configuration to operate as the Bridgehead/Frontend/Backend it's not as complicated as one think.

See microsoft technet for help in adding Exchange servers to existing networks and configuring role for them .

Another great resource is

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Moving Exchange 2003 on a DC to a new server

by thaley In reply to what the end result your ...

Basically this client has one old Server that does everything (It is a DC and running Exchange 2003/ File sharing. The goal is we have two new Windows 2003 Servers to replace the old one. One Server will be used for just Exchange, the other will be the DC and File Sharing. I am planning to have them join the Domain and run a DCPromo on the (Non Exchange Server). Then install Exchange on the other box and move the mailboxes. I am not sure if I should move the Exchange first, or setup the new DC and get that going and then do the Exchange. I am looking or the easiest way. I checked those sites but haven't found a detailed enough procedure yet. Thank you

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here's a Technet link

by CG IT In reply to Moving Exchange 2003 on a ...

for moving exchange to new hardware:

as far as the DC just do what your planning on doing with dcpromo.

if you have more than 1 DC and you have juggled around FSMO roles around between DCs then you have to determine which roles the DC your going to retire has and put them on the new DC.

there's no real "do the DC first, Exchange second" best practice senario. What you have to determine is how will the changes least impact the users. There will always be problems doing upgrades and the least painful way is to start on a Friday night, do the upgrades or changes during the weekend so that come monday morning, users don't revolt.

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We will only have one DC

by thaley In reply to here's a Technet link

We will only have one DC and I will keep the Exchange box the same name. That procedure looks pretty easy. The old server only has a drive C: The new server I will install Exchange on drive partition Will that be a problem? See step #8 in the Exchange Server keeping the same name procedure. Thank you for your help

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well you know that old saying....

by CG IT In reply to We will only have one DC

nothing ever goes as planned...

moving exchange to a new box is pretty straight forward and as long as there are no hiccups it works pretty well.

read the article on moving an existing exchange to new hardware. answers your question if creating a new partion for the information store is going to be a problem.

remember your moving an existing installation to new hardware, you are NOT doing a fresh install.

there is a thumbs up for you to use if the suggestions any poster to a question of yours makes is usefull.

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Ahhh CG

by Churdoo In reply to what the end result your ...

I can't reply to the last post of yours in this thread, but I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes fishing for Thumbs Up! heh!

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Those thumbs are a good way to say thanks

by CG IT In reply to Ahhh CG

they ought to give out thumbs up if it helps em. Good way to say thanks

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