moving a hard drive

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I built a new computer and want to install the primary drive from one i gave away. It has windows xp pro sp2 already installed with a lot of data that i need to save and use . when i boot, the choices will not let me start windows . (this is a legal copy of windows)

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That is because the hardware has been changed and

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to moving a hard drive

The proper drivers for the new hardware are not present. What you need to do is do an In Place Install by following the directions here but you'll need either an OEM or Retail Install CD as a Slipstreamed CD will not have the correct drivers on it.


Now for the note of caution! if you where using Windows Encrypted File System you need to save the Private Encryption Key or all your data will be lost as it will remain encrypted and you'll loose the encryption key so you need a working XP Pro computer to do this and follow the directions here to save a copy of the encryption key


After you have the Private Encryption Key Saved it would be a good idea to backup all your data as well just in case something goes wrong when you perform the In Place Install. But if you are willing to risk your data you'll most likely need to take ownership of it after you perform the In Place Install by following the directions here so that you can again access your data


You really should have backed up all your data before giving away the original hardware as it would have been much easier then and a lot faster. You also need to remember that Hardware Failures can occur so you need a valid backup that you can recover from always unless you are willing to shell out quite a lot of money to a Data Recovery House when you suffer a HDD failure with all your data on it. The last time that I had to have a drive recovered it cost 46 K AU and that was only a 40 GIG HDD that had about 15 GIG of data on it.


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by n.lovelloni In reply to That is because the hardw ...

to late to back up now .I will try to reinstall windows , it will usualy ask to save your files .

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