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    moving a second hard drive


    by mreid1 ·

    I was trying to install a Maxtor 8GB hard drive from an old machine into a Gateway PC with a 5GB hard drive,CD-ROM drive and 2 floppy drives present. Both hard drives were originally jumpered as master drives and running Win98 SE as FAT32 drives. The 5GB is partitioned with 3 drives (C,D, & E drives). C drive has Win98, D drive is applications and E drive is overflow for backups and swap file etc. The 8GB drive was originally one partition (C drive). I jumpered that drive as a slave and installed it into the Gateway PC, booted up the machine, entered Setup to auto configure the new hard drive and rebooted. The CD-ROM drive is showing as F drive. On reboot, the bios startup routine identifies both hard drives and the CD-ROM drive. The machine boots up into Win 98. I look into device manager and both hard drives are listed; generic IDE hard drive 0 and 1. BUT, when I open My Computer, it only shows C,D,E partitions and F drive (CD-ROM). The Maxtor 8GB hard drive isn’t listed in My Computer. What do I need to do to make it show up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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      by bobho ·

      In reply to moving a second hard drive

      The easiest method to try and resolve this istoget a copy of tweakui and go to the My Computer tab. Put a check in all of the drive letters you are using (or all of the drive letters available regardless if they are being used or not). Reboot and check the drives again.

      If you don’t have it here is a link for downloading Tweakui:


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      by mastertech ·

      In reply to moving a second hard drive

      On the desktop, RIght-Click on the “My Computer” Icon and go to properties. Next, choose the “Device Manager” Tab at the top. Then click on the plus (+) sign next to CDROM and choose your CDRom drive by clicking on it. Then click on the properties button in the lower left hand corner. Once there, click on the settings tab. Here you can choose the next drive letter for the CD-ROM. At the bottom of this screen, change both the Start Drive Letter and End Drive letter to “Q” or another letter. Just make sure that you leave enough letters to designate the number of partitions that might me on the drive you recently installed. Once you’re done, click on OK and then click on close to exit the device manager. You should be prompted to restart. This should allow enough the system to designate a drive letter for the new drive added.

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      by peachcobbler ·

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      Go to Control Panel and click on System…Then go to Device Manager… Click on the plus sign in front of Disk Drives… Then click on each drive to bring up properties… Then check each one to see what drive letters are assigned to them. Make sure that each drive has the assigned letter that you want it to have. If not assign the correct letters to the appropriate drives. If the selection section is greyed out then you won’t be able to apply this method to your version… Hope this works… Good Luck!


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      by thechas ·

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      1. make sure that the 5GB drive in the gateway is jumpered as Master with Slave Present.

      2. It is possible that the Maxtor drive has drive / BIOS overlay software installed. This is often done to allow an older PC to properly recognize and use the full capacity of the drive. If so, the drive overlay software needs to be on the actual boot drive.

      (CAUTION!!! There is a risk of data loss, so proceed with care!!!)
      You can try downloading the latest version of the utility from Maxtor and copy it onto a bootable floppy.
      Then, setup the Maxtor as the master drive and boot from the floppy.
      Run the Maxtor software and see if you can un-install the drive overlay program.

      3. Windows 98 uses a specific process to define drive letters.
      C: is the primary DOS partition on the master drive.
      D: is the primary DOS partition on the slave drive.
      The logical drives on the extended DOS partition on the master drive then follow in sequence. For your setup, Windows would re-assign your current D: drive to E: and your E: drive to F:
      Then, the logical drives on the slave drive would follow in sequence.
      Finally, your CD drives would be given the next higher letters.

      One final thought, I have seen some Maxtor drives that would NOT function with a different brand drive as the Master. Try installing the Maxtor as the Secondary Master drive with your CD drive set to slave.


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      by rustydane317 ·

      In reply to moving a second hard drive

      It may be the CD-Rom is configured to be drive F: only. The BIOS will want to assign Drive F: to the second HD, but drive F: has already been assigned. Go to the properties in the Device Manager and change it to let Windows assign the drive letter.

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      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to moving a second hard drive

      I didn’t see where you created a partition and formatted it.

      This has to be done before 98 will see the drive in My Computer.

      You can partition and format the disk using one of the following ways.

      1. Maxtor drive utility for windows. You can download from their site.

      2. Boot to a Win98 boot disk and use fdisk.

      3. Partition Magic

      I would use the program from Maxtor.

      Good Luck Lee

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