moving CA from SBS to 2k3Std

By Reinie ·
here's the scenario:
1 SBS2k3 server running Exchange
2 W2k3R2 servers, dcpromo'd into domain as DCs
FSMO roles have been moved from the SBS2k3 to one of the R2 boxes. Dns is up and so is WINS. No errors with the move to a W2K3 STD domain so far. The infrastructure is stable.

The SBS machine is also running CA (expected for SBS). I have a CA for mail on this box. Before I can DC promo it to a member server to run Exchange only, I have to remove CA.

Does anybody have any insite on moving the CA to the new DC? All documents I have found so far talk about replacing the box with another with the same name. That's not what I am trying to do. The SBS box will remain in my domain, but only as a member server.

Also, after demoting the SBS to a member server, will it cause problems with the Exchange instance running on the box?


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I'm surprised that you didn't have problems

by CG IT In reply to moving CA from SBS to 2k3 ...

supposedly, you cant transfer all roles from a SBS box to another DC. That's what I've read so if you've done it, then the MS article on SBS is wrong.

Also, there is a migration path to migrate from a SBS environment to W2003 standard environment but that doesn't allow the SBS box to remain in the network.

I've also heard that with SBS, that you can't just leave it at the W2003 Server install. You have to continue with the SBS setup or the server will stop functioning. I've heard it mind you.. so I don't know if it's true.

your best bet with the CA is to create a new root certificate with a new CA authority on one of the W2003 Servers. you could export the certs and import them, but then they are SBS certs and you are no longer running a SBS network.

Again, look at the migration path for SBS to W2003 Standard. Lots of info on it.

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