Moving Data from Progress DB to SQL Server 2005

By ehpsureshj ·
Hi All,
We have a Progress DB in our Company. We are trying to move all the data to SQL Server 2005. When I try to run the Import Data task from SQL Server 2005 the radio button called "Copy data from one or more tables or views" is getting disabled and it is asking me to write a SQL script to copy all data from 120 tables.

I am using a .NET Framework Data Provider for ODBC when I run the Import Data task from SQL Server 2005.

I am using the DataDirect 4.1 32-Bit Progress SQL92 v9.1D ODBC Driver to connect to Progress DB. I am getting a connection but the copy feature is getting disabled.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue, or even if you provide me with some pointers that will be really helpful.


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Moving Data from Progress DB to SQL Server 2005

by jerry.sommerville In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...

If memory serves me correctly, the DataDirect ODBC driver does not support the copy feature in SQL Server 2005. You will need to export the data to flat ASCII files and then import them back into your database. One table for each file. Sorry....

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Moving Data from Progress DB to SQL Server 2005

by ehpsureshj In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...

Hi Jerry,
Thanks a lot for the information. Do you know any other Driver which supports this process. Your help will really be appreciated.


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Importing data from Progress to SQL Server 2000

by thomas.forrest In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...


With regard to your original post.

1. Did you find a solution to your problem?

2. If ASCII text files were the viable solution. what if any problems/issues did you incur?

See detail below for additional information.

I need to import Data from a 'Progress' db to SQL2000 db.

In SQL, I have set up a local DTS package 'Progress_Data' which links a 'Progress' database to SQL2000.

If I right click the local package and select 'All Tasks', then 'Import Data', the 'DTS Import/Export Wizard' window appears.

I select the destination driver as 'DataDirect 4.10 32-Bit Progress SQL92v9.1E', then choose 'File DSN' to locate the .DSN and enter the UserName and Passwords. The next screen allows the selection of the local database ('CRM_Mark').

Once the above steps have been completed, a further selection can be made, allowing a query build or a selection of tables and views.

Although I can see the relivant tables, I cannot import the data as the following MS error messages are displayed:

1. If 'Query' selected:
'Unexpected error message.'

2. If 'Table/Views' selected:
'Unexpected error occurred: The provider has returned an error result without an error message.'

Any ideas? This is confusing as the connection has already been made in the DTS package and I can see the tables.

Thanks in advance,


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by kunnal_a1982 In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...

Hi, i want to know abt the advantage of SQL server over the Progress Db./ Whats the benefit of migrating from preogress db to SQL db?
Looking for Quick Response
Thanx in advance

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Hi Suresh

by ajit_shinde53 In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...

Hello Boss,

Can u plz guide me how's the structure of Progress database . Recently i am gettin a project to work with Progress database in which i have to convert progress database to Sql Database.

Can u plz send me some info @ it.
Hoping to be oblidged and thanking u.

Ajit Shinde

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progress db/progress 4gl

by req.valuewing In reply to Moving Data from Progress ...

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