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Moving desktop shortcuts to new computer

By dtomandl ·
I am wondering if there is away to take all shortcuts on a desktop, and move them to another computer, or use on the same computer but use a different login. We recently bought a server, so I was thrown into this postion so I have alot of questions. Thank you in advanced!!!


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by jbaker In reply to Moving desktop shortcuts ...

What I usually do is copy the files in the Desktop folder to the new machine or user. You need to be sure that the account has sufficient permissions to access the files/folders/etc, but more often than not there are no issues.

Obviously, if the shortcuts are for applications, the applications will have to be installed on the new machine.

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Info, and forum change,

by Synthetic In reply to Moving desktop shortcuts ...

First, wrong forum, these questions are better in the Q&A section. Second, more info please, your moving from what to what? Two systems on a network, a 98' machine to a XP server? You can just copy the desktop folder from one system to another, and edit out any applications, or data you don't want to transfer. Problem with transferring short cuts, if they are related to an installed program, is that they won't do you a bit of good on the system transfered to. You will need to reinstall those programs on the new system, which will of course reestablish your short cuts. You might also look at the properties of the short cut, map the path to the URL, program, mapped drive or whatever else the short cut is pointing to, and then find that source on the new machine and create a short cut from the original source on the new machine. If you don't know how to do this, I would strongly urge you to discuss what role you will be playing with this server, and whether your up to the task. Good luck either way, and please respond with some more info!

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by dtomandl In reply to Info, and forum change,

I think I will be able to get through this. I am kind of new to posting on this board. I will now post my questions to the Q&A section. Thanks for the info!!!


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Your welcome

by Synthetic In reply to Thanks

Not that you won't get help with Q and A here, as you see, there are a lot of people who post these kinds of questions. However, if your in a pinch, then post the the technical q and a for a quick, and quite possibly more technically sound answer.

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