moving DNS to new machine

By rujinraj ·
I have a DNS server (not integrated with DC). backup copy of the DNS information is also with me. How to install the same DNS information in another machine.The old machine is having some hardware problem and cannot be repaired.

any idea please help?

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Copy The Files

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to moving DNS to new machine

First install the DNS service on the new server, then create a new zone with the same name as the one in the old server.
After that stop the DNS service on copy the DNS files from the old server to the new server
Then start the DNS service.

Good Luck

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integrate with DC

by rujinraj In reply to Copy The Files

please let me know the procedure for integrating this DNS with existing Domain controller.

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AD Integrated Zone

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to integrate with DC

Click on the properties of the zone, then from General tab change the type of the zone, keep it Primary and check "Store the zone in AD"

But note that the DNS and AD should be on the same server.

And check this link:

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AD integrated zone

by rujinraj In reply to AD Integrated Zone

Thanks mr.mohammad for your timely help.

can i ask some more doubts reg dns?


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Identify DNS zone type from backup file

by rujinraj In reply to AD integrated zone

I need some clarification on this.

Consider i have only backup of DNS. How to find out how many primary zone,secondary zone, stub zone in forward lookup zone as well as reverse lookup zone from the backup file itself.

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Depend on...

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Identify DNS zone type fr ...

If the DNS is not AD integrated, then you can know from the files that was in the DNS folder and moved to backup.
Name of the Zones can be determined from the file name, type can be determined from the content of the file "open it by notepad"

If it was AD integrated, All DNS info will be in the System\MicrosoftDNS OU "you need to enable advanced feature"

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Re:Depend on

by rujinraj In reply to Depend on...

Thanks mr.Mohammad,

How can i determine the type of the zone(like primary,secondary,stub zone by opening the zone in notepad). This i cannot understand. can you tell me in detail.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Depend on...

For primary and secondary zone check for NS records:
In the primary zone the NS record will point to the same server where the DNS is installed.

In the secondary zone the NS record will point to another server or several other servers.

For Stub zone:
Size will be very small, has just a few records.
NS records in stub zone will be similar to secondary zone.
The difference between stub and secondary zone is the size; stub zone will be almost empty.

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