moving EFS encrypted files

By talkurant ·
I have some folders that i Encrypted with the windows built in EFS encryption (right click - properties - advance - Encrypt).
since than i ReInstalled Windows OS (without reformatting. i still have all the system files)but now i cant open any of the files.
at the moment, i want to move the files to a new computer. How can I move these files without loosing the ability to read them in the future?

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Depends if the new computer is using XP

by OH Smeg In reply to moving EFS encrypted file ...

If it is loaded with Vista you need to decrypt the Files before you transfer them as Vista Can Not read that Encryption Method. You also need to follow M$'s advice on Backing up the Encryption Key

How to add a Recovery Agent

However if when you reinstalled Windows without Formatting you didn't have a Backup of the Encryption Key you destroyed the original Encryption Key and will be unable to recreate it so these files will remain unreadable.


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Security Certificate

by BFilmFan In reply to moving EFS encrypted file ...

You will need either the local or domain security certificate to decrypt those files.


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by talkurant In reply to Security Certificate

Both computers are with XP...
and how can i back up my security cerftificate?

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