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moving exchange 5.5 to another server

By venishan ·
Hi all

My server is running the following:
Server: NT4.0
Exchange 5.5
the server is the pdc, old administrator did not set proper restrictions thus the server is at 95% capacity on c and also on the drive where the exchange database resides. I have set mailbox restrictions but have also noticed that the server still has accounts & mailboxes for employees whom have left. I deleted one such account and noticed that the priv.edb still remains the same size, what can i do about this n how do i go about getting exchange to reduce it's Private Information Store. Please email me suggestions.

I also have the option of setting up another exchange server and adding it to the current domain as a member server but how do i go about moving the mailboxes over?

please help....any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

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by kevin.square In reply to moving exchange 5.5 to an ...

Best bet is to get exchange off the pdc. Relatively simple process if you're adding another server.

Install member server, install exchange server and tell it during install to join the existing site. Once it is up and running as a second server in the exchange site you can easily move mailboxes to the new server.

You also want to follow MS KB article 152959 How to remove the first exchange server in a site. Just follow step by step.

Also grab a copy of 159485 Troubleshooting setup problems joining an existing site. For error C1030b11 which you may run into.

Really, between this docs you should be good to go.


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by kevin.square In reply to moving exchange 5.5 to an ...

I should have added that when you move the mailboxes, either in bulk or one at a time make sure users are not connected to them.

Leave the old exchange services running on the old server for a few days and OL clients will update themselves. eg. OL client goes to connect to old mailbox server and it tells them mailbox was moved to new server so they just automagically switch themselves.

Once all or most clients have updated you can turn off Exch svc's on old server for a few days to confirm all works properly. Then in Exchange Admin on new server you can remove it from the site.

With that done you can remove exchange from old server and clean up.


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