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    Moving Exchange to W2k domain


    by tori ·

    I’m installing a new server in a new w2k domain, but at the same time I also have to move my exsisting Excange 5.5 over to the new server in the new w2k domain. Does anyone have an ide on how to do this??
    Remeber this is a new server (hardware) in a new w2k domain.

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      Moving Exchange to W2k domain

      by guy ·

      In reply to Moving Exchange to W2k domain

      Planning is the Key
      Do you have existing domains? If so how many, will they eventually join the new domain, or stay separate.
      DNS you have to master DNS Plan the DNS name e.g.
      Trees and Forests.
      Will it be a new Forest, or a new Tree inan existing forest?
      The server will if its the only one then it will have to be a Domain controller. (After install run DCPROMO or use the wizard.
      Its recommend to run exchange on a member server rather than a Domain Controller, so consider havingtwo or three machines. Its also recommended having more than one Domain controller, because if you lose the only primary, its start from the beginning.
      The actual installation of Exchange will be the easiest part, they are both Microsoft, and knoweach other as it were, and you already have an existing Exchange server with all the data that will be transfered when you install then new Exchange server.

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      Moving Exchange to W2k domain

      by ron navon ·

      In reply to Moving Exchange to W2k domain

      Dear Sir,

      You can find your complete answer in CD SP2 for Exchange, you can find there a utility that do it perfectly.
      I did it three times with full successfully.

      Best Regards.
      Good luck. Sincerely,
      Ron Farzan

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