Moving existing files in XP Pro to a new user on same computer

By jimw ·
I have created a new user on an XP Pro machine, and many of the folders and files need to be available to the new user. Both users have administrative permission, but I cannot find the origional files.

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The necessary files ill be in the Old Account

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Moving existing files in ...

So open the C Drive then the Documents Settings Folder and click on the Old Account to access the required files.

You may find it necessary to take ownership of the files so follow the directions here

It goes without saying that you should be logged in with a Admin Account as well.


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Try opening in Explorer

by nepenthe0 In reply to Moving existing files in ...

Whenever I create a new account, and wish to copy files to that account, I use Explorer.

Locate the original folder, right drag the folder to the new user's document folder, then click 'copy'. I have never been compelled to 'take ownership' of files, but others have incurred this inconvenience, so I don't doubt that it really happens.

The following is from Using Windows XP Professional (Que Publishing, 3rd ed, 2005), ch. 28 (Managing Users), p. 1095 (Taking Ownership of Files):

"Sometimes files or folders have security attributes set so stringently that even Administrator can't read or modify them. Usually this occurs when the file has permissions set only for its owner and not the usual list: Owner, Administrator, System, and Backup Operators, as when a user account is deleted. In this case, no user is able to access the files in that user's My Documents folder."

"If you absolutely need to access such files, you can take ownership of the file or folder, and then assign permissions to read and write as appropriate. To take ownership of a file or folder

1. Log on as Administrator.

2. View the file or folder in Explorer, right-click it, and choose Properties.

3. View the Security tab and click Advanced.

4. View the Owner tab, and select Administrator (the user) or Administrators (the group) from the list. You may want to check the Replace Owner on Subcontainers box to change subfolders as well.

5. Click OK

6. Add privileges as necessary to grant access to the desired user(s).

Rick/Portland, OR

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