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Moving from IT to a marketing + strategy

By ben_heuer ·
I am working VERY well as a senior consultant with a top tier IT consulting firm.

However, I recently got an offer from one of the best companies in the region, and because I can communicate well, they are offering me the position of an ebusiness manager.

It is a bigger company that I am currently at, and the only concern I have is that I might be a small fry in the whole scheme of things. But at least its a big name, the salary is a bit better and they dont have to worry about where their next paycheck will come from.

The question I have is: would this be a good move, given the way strategy is going? I have a feeling that strat people always make more money (at leats thats the general feeling) -- and besides this might give mean edge later if I apply to more strategy-oriented firms such as McKinsey?

WOuld appreciate any comments.


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IT field VS marketing

by veenavkum In reply to Moving from IT to a marke ...

I am very sorry for having answered this question , actually i am really ignorant about the whole thing and i mainly got into this site to had an idea as to how discussion forum works

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