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    Moving from NT to Server 2003


    by dmont ·

    I will be moving fron an NT environment to Windows server 2003. Will Windows 2003 server support running a domain controller (and understand that DNS also has to run with DC), file server and print server all on one computer similar to what NT does?

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      by dmont ·

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      AD is different that NT

      by cg it ·

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      Active Directory is far different NT. If you don’t know the basic differences I suggest you read up on some of the changes between NT and Active Directory on Microsoft’s Technet site.

      Right off the bat, a couple of differences are: there are no more PDCs and BDCs in Active Directory. All DCs are peers with each other. Active Directory changes how security groups and security in general work in a domain from the way NT does it. All the security boundries [domains] you created in NT are shuffled around and merged into security groups in Active Directory.

      Yes Active Directory requires DNS to run. AD functions on the domain name heirarchy and requires name resolution.

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      by tekhead79 ·

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      Windows 2003 will support running the DC functionality along with file and print functions. It will require more resources than NT (AD is a hog) so I would recommend getting some beefy hardware and multiple NICs (teamed) on the server if you intend to run this in a real environment.

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