Moving from one Windows File Server to another - advice needed

By will.lynch ·

I'm looking for some advice from other IT professionals who may have experience with this scenario.

We have been using a single Server 2008 R2 file server which also runs DFS for our domain to provide a global network share.

The server in question is an aging box and has a few annoying issues with it that crop up from time to time with locked files, blue screens and hanging processes - ultimately we've decided as part of our migration strategy to virtualise this servers roles.

We've already created a virtual Server 2012 instance to transfer to. We're currently synchronising the files from the old box to the new server on a daily basis in preparation for the switch over.

We're planning to manually recreate the same DFS structure and shares on the new server over a quiet weekend.

Naturally we want minimal disruption but we aren't really sure what to expect, in particular we are aware that some documents on this file server may have hard-links to other files which are referenced by the server hostname rather than the DFS namespace.

Obviously in moving to a new server with a different hostname these links will no longer work which we'd like to avoid. I did think about getting around this by perhaps pointing the old DNS entry to the new server - but we tested this with a couple of test servers and it didn't work - we receive an error "Logon failure: The target account name is incorrect", I haven't really had time to properly look at the reason for this but I'm assuming it's because the expected hostnames are muddled.

Any advice on getting around this issue would be much appreciated and also if you're aware of any other pitfalls we may face we'd appreciate the info!


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