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I was using illegal copies of windows xp and i decided to move to linux. but we all know that to have linux softwares, we must download them from windows. what do you think about that? so there is no way if you don't have money to buy windows to download linux softwares without using windows if you don't have a licensed copy of windows?

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Several suggestions...

by Galaxy4643 In reply to MOVING FROM WINDOWS TO LI ...

Have a friend download and burn a Linux disk. Or go to the following link and buy one for about $6.00. The most downloaded version of Linux is Linux Mint. .

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Well, not knowing what type of computer you have,

my advice would be to have a friend/relative loan you theirs, and then maybe if you have a USB thumb drive of at least 2 gig, download one of the live Linux distributions (I prefer Slax, use both version 6.1.2 and 7.0.5, not too difficult to get setup and running) and boot your computer with the live Linux. You could also have them burn a live Linux CD. By the way, how are you posting your question? You must have some internet access now, so put it to use, download a live Linux and give it a shot. As I said, I prefer Slax, and if your PC is relatively new (less than 4 years old) then 7.0.5 should work without any difficulties. If your system is slightly older, then try 6.1.2.
7.0.5 home page is
6.1.2 home page is

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If you can post here you can download linux.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to MOVING FROM WINDOWS TO LI ...

It's just a matter of downloading the ISO file burning it to a disc if your system will not boot from USB and boot off the disc.

You can download any Linux Distro and go from there. You can go to distrowatch and get most of the available distributions.


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If you really don't want to use the unlicensed os to download linux

by Painterman In reply to If you can post here you ...

If you really don't want to use the unlicensed os to download linux just trot around to your local newsagent and buy o linux magazine like Linux format or similar with a free live cd on the cover and use that to boot into linux and then download which ever distro you want (assuming that it wasn't on the disk already).
painterman. (Linux user since 2007)

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Moving to Linux

by davep.lowes In reply to MOVING FROM WINDOWS TO LI ...

It depends on what software you want to run on the Linux platform. I've got the new Ubuntu running alongside XP and in Ubuntu you can browse to a "store" page and download open source software such as Open Office which produces files compatible with MS Office. It really depend what software yo want.

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In addition to what everyone is recommending

by Slayer_ In reply to MOVING FROM WINDOWS TO LI ...

I just want to point out that the latest version of Mint has gotta stupid again, it doesn't even have WINE installed by default anymore.

Probably better off with Zorin.

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by harveywilkins In reply to MOVING FROM WINDOWS TO LI ...

I did not yet try Linux but Windows is really great specially if you have a license.In fact in Finland windows and Microsoft are one of the choice of many IT companies.In fact <a href="">Microsoft Dynamics CRM</a> is very helpful now a days in some business including using the new windows which is amazing but still i am also wondering in Linux cause many saying it was a nice one.

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