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Moving home folders

By HowieD ·

I have a W2K server running XP clients with roaming profiles and home folders mapped to a share on my C: drive. I'm getting short of disk space so have added an extra drive (D:) and I know want to move the home folders to the new drive - have tried xcopying them but access denied for all files although it recreates the dirs - any ideas?

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by curlergirl In reply to Moving home folders

The standard setup in Win2K for user home folders is to give only the user and the system access to the folders. In order to move them, you need to add an administrator-level permission to the folder permissions. You can use the Administrator logon, or any other logon that you use for administering the system. The easiest way to do this is through the command line, since the permissions on each folder are different. The command line tool is cacls; to see all of the info on what switches to use, type: cacls /? at the command prompt. What you want to be sure you do is EDIT the permissions, not REPLACE them.

One "gotcha" is that you may have to actually take ownership of the folders before you can change the permissions. If this is the case, you can ONLY do this (AFAIK) on a folder-by-folder basis.

Also, don't forget to edit the users in AD - or through Group Policy if you are using it - to change the location of their home folders.

Hope this helps!

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by mm212 In reply to Moving home folders

The above answer provides most of the correct information. I had to do this exact thing. Here's what I did:
Added the drive, formatted, set up parent folder for home folders.
Highlighted ALL current home folders at once, brought up properties, security, advanced and went to the owner tab.
Highlight your (or administrators) name, put a checkmark in "replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and click OK.
Depending on how many folders you have, this could take a while. Once this is done, bring up the properties on all the folders again.
Go to the Security tab
Click the Add button
Add Administrator or your user name
Highlight Administrator or your user name and grant all rights to this user by adding checkmarks below.
You can add the same rights once you have ownership by using cacls by mapping a drive to where the home folders are, bringing up a command prompt and entering:
cacls <path to root of home folders>\*.* /T /E /G yourusername:F
At this point you can copy the files in Windows Explorer or xcopy.

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by HowieD In reply to

Thanks it worked for me!
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by HowieD In reply to Moving home folders

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