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    Moving into management


    by it-analyst ·

    I work as software engineer and have worked in VB, PHP,Oracle,Sql Server, .NET for 2.5yrs.I hold an MBA(operations management) and MCA too.I want to move out of coding and into some management. What do I do and HOW?

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      Number of things

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      Management isn’t simply a matter of having the right credentials.

      You need to find opportunities to show your non -techie side. Lead a project. Find oppostunities to work with users. Show your business analysis skills. Look for process improvements.

      Many of us in IT management got our starts by managing projects.

      Talk to your boss about your goals and ambitions, and ask their opinion and for their help in developing to the point where you can move in that direction.


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      Put your MBA in action.

      by comp53141 ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      Use your marketing skills, for God’s sake.
      Your are an MBA, man! Did you learn anything in MBA? Time to think and put your MBA education in action. If you have forgotten it start by reading “The I Hate Selling Book” by Allan S. Boress, ISBN 0814402453.

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      moving into management

      by mollybigd ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      Remember you have a degree. What is stopping you from applying for management positions at other companies. Better yet in your present company are there any management positions open? The only way out of this one is to apply at other businesses if they have management positions open. If there are not any management positions open in your present business then you will have to wait until an opening occurs. :0)

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        by it-analyst ·

        In reply to moving into management

        Thanks to all for the reply. But unless I get a chance to show my capabilities I cant move into management.And with lack of experience in management I feel I cant apply for such positions in other companies.
        Kindly suggest. Also suggest a suitable role considering my past experience and qualifications.

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          Create the opportunity

          by gaston nusimovich ·

          In reply to Thanks

          It seems like you were in a tight situation: without previous management experience, you can’t field a management position, and if you can’t get a management spot, how could you acquire the necessary experience ?

          If nobody is giving you a chance, create the opportunity. Work with your co-workers just as you were already a manager. Keep it natural and humble, avoid the cocky stance, work hard on team building and mentoring, make sure that your team gets its work done for the next deadline, and above all, make sure that you get the credit !

          If it sounds risky, well, it is a risky business, so remember the old adage:

          No pain, no gain

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      Be sure you want to move in

      by al_canfield ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      I still experience this dilemma on a regular basis (IT manager or Technician). I think it?s the toughest decision to make when you’re a hands on person like IT professionals are, taking that jump to management. IT Pros love the work they are doing and when you have to “manage” that work there is a delicate balance of control that has to be demonstrated. When I applied for a job at the location I am at now, I aced my interview with the CIO and the 2 branch chiefs, a great start. I was hired as an SA, the senior member of a 4 person team, a short while after completing a few critical projects the CIO at that time called me into his office, expressed his appreciation, and asked if I would be interested in taking over the entire section. I was excited about the opportunity but fearful of the manager label. I have since accepted the official position (with a promotion) and accepted the fact that I am now a manager, with that I have had to become very aware of NOT micromanaging projects or trying to do the technical work. I keep a safe distance from my team, but always with in an arms reach if I need them.

      The other part of management you must get used to is the administrative part, counseling and rating employees, developing training plans, working through vacation schedules, etc, etc, etc, all that “fun stuff” you never had to concern yourself with being a technician!

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      Prepare to Lead

      by nuke57 ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      I suggest preparing yourself to lead your people to use their full potential of creativity, innovation, productivity, motivation and commitment. These people are up to 300% more productive than if poorly motivated. You need to know what to say and do, and exactly why that guidance is correct.

      If you are interested, I will provide you with a copy of my leadership skills Ebook.

      Let me know if interested.

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      Best solution to me is!!

      by naveed ·

      In reply to Moving into management

      You are an ideal candidate for Business Analyst role. Get some certification (Seible, People Soft or some general certification from infrastructure perspective) or even without a certification you can do good job in a new but emerging field of Business Analysis.

      A BA is typically an IT management starting point (with a very high salary prospects) that bridges the gape between technology and the business.

      Once you have an experience of couple of years as BA, then you can choose to get yourself certified as PMP (through PMI) and become an IT Project Manager. For that you have to have at least 2 years of project management experience (BA experience will do) and also you have to be a PMI member, and also you have to have at least 36 PDU (a PMI measuring unit) of educational qualification.

      After 3-5 years in PM role you can easily look for some Sr. PM or Project Director role in a smaller company. Thereafter you can plan your own business or become Sr. Manager in some big organization depending on your learning curve and abilities. In this whole scenario, you have to be extremely good at communication (both written and verbal) because a lot of disscussions with Sr. Management and great deal of documentation is involved in both the BA as well as PM roles. I hope this helps.


      Back Office Consulting Inc.

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        Reply To: Moving into management

        by it-analyst ·

        In reply to Best solution to me is!!

        I thank all who sent suggestions,especially Naveed. You would be happy to know that at last I persuaded my Mgt. to give me some mgt. kind of role too.

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