moving large file

By SystemCheck ·
i got windows 7 with a file (8gb) iso that has to be moved to my thumb drive (16gb) but i get an error message. the file system is ntfs but the thumb drive is fat 32. do i just format thumb drive to ntfs or do i have to split the iso? if i have to split it (i rather not), then what programs can i split it with and how to i do that with it and how to put it back together, (its an installation iso).

okay got it to split up into 6 files (.7z), now how to create an image out of all 6, using 7z or free easy burner

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XP or Win7/Vista

by Brenton Keegan In reply to moving large file

I didn't quite understand your opening statement.

If you're running XP you won't be able to format a thumb drive with ntfs by default.
The reason most thumb drives are fat or fat32 is for performance reasons. They are a lighter filesystem so there is less overhead.

Windows 7 or Vista should be able to format a thumb drive with an ntfs file system no problem. I haven't done this so I might be wrong.

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oh sorry

by SystemCheck In reply to XP or Win7/Vista

its for vista and windows 7

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Format it to NTFS

by Slayer_ In reply to moving large file

FAT32 gets bad after the 3gb mark. After the 4gb mark it goes savage. I had this happen once on Win95. I uploaded a file VIA FTP and it allowed it to go over the 4 gb limit. The file wasn't damaged but the only functions that worked on it was copy and delete. You could not move or rename. I was forced to copy it to a networked XP machine, delete the file. Fortunately that was my goal all along. But the errors you get are pretty neat.

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