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    Moving library between computers in Apple Music

    by kayelmisho82 ·

    Ok, I appologise if this ends up a long question, but i cant get an answer anywhere after much searching. I have a desktop running macos Big Sur 11.6, and recently bought a intel based (spam link removed by moderator) macbook pro running 11.6 also. I want to copy over my entire 75gb music library with all playlists intact, and album art as ive a lot of covers i scanned in myself, I want to preserve as much as I possibly can.

    Now ive moved this library previously between iTunes on the PC and various versions of osX, with little trouble getting it picked up in a fresh location, sure I had to edit paths in the iTunes.xml file, and sometimes fix glitches out, it was even painless importing it into apple music on the desktop after the upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina. But for the life of me i cannot find any posts anywhere on how to import a library from one identical point release of Apple Music app to another on a different mac running the same release of the OS. All Apple seem to want you to do is pony up for the music sub, and turn on sync, What about us folks that have spent years building a collection of music, with a lot of rare material that isnt available on any of the subscription services… Has anybody managed to move there complete collection between installs of apple’s music app? I better say that on the desktop the library folder is on a different drive than the boot drive, and on the macbook its on the mac HD in the standard place.

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      I too have moved the iTunes Library,

      by mrmacfixit ·

      In reply to Moving library between computers in Apple Music

      prior to Big Sur without a problem.
      Given that your Library is on an external drive, what happens if you connect that drive to the MBP and run Music?
      Starting Music with the Option key pressed will prompt you to choose a Library.
      Choose the one on the external and check that all is as it should be. If so, copy the external library to the MPB and use that library as the default for Music.


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