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A company that I consult to hosts there own web site. We are considering moving it to a company that would host it for us. We have a domain, for this discussion I will call it Will I have any problems if I move to a hosted site? We also have our own email client. Can I keep our email on our server and move the web pages to another hosted server? Is there anything that I need to know to make all of this happen smoothly?

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by Churdoo In reply to Moving our Website

Essentially, the process is

1. Know where the public DNS for is hosted, and have the credentials for making the requesite zonefile changes.
2. Have the new www host prepare for the site, and if they'll transfer the content, then have them do that. If they don't do the transfer and you have to do it yourself, then they will give you an IP address and FTP credentials for you to transfer the www content
3. Test the content transfer by browsing to the IP address given above. You may also CREATE a new A record in DNS, called for example to make the testing a little more realistic than browsing to an IP addy.
4. Once the site content is transferred and tested successfully to the new host, modify the DNS record for and (without a host name) to point to the IP addy of the new website.
Over the course of the next 24-48 hours, browsing will switch to the new host transparently. Do not shut down the website on the old host for several days after the DNS change is made.

The above should have no effect on email delivery of email, therefore yes, you can leave the email hosted where it is and just move the website. FYI, changes to email delivery are done by mofifying the MX records in DNS

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