moving Outlook data file with POP account

By laurentsd ·
I changed computer and had to move my Outlook .pst data file containing my Yahoo POP messages. Everything is fine except for the very annoying fact that Outlook wants to download again the 3000+ emails I have in my Yahoo mailbox (they have been read already but stay on the serer).

Is there a way to avoid these duplicate downloads?
I don't understand why Outlook can't see that the .pst file already contains all these messages...


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It is a top secret

by informer In reply to moving Outlook data file ...


Your question is perfect. I am hunting the answer for more than 1 year. I discussed with MS tech and support guys. Everybody is wondering and nobody know the reply. I searched the net too. No reply. It is a top secret of Microsoft? But why?

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by LoonIT In reply to moving Outlook data file ...

of dragging and dropping your .pst file into its new location, use the import and export option under the file tab in outlook. Once you start the import of the .pst outlook will ask you what to do with duplicate files.

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export is not a solution...

by informer In reply to Instead

Export is not a good solution, because I have to do it twice everyday. This is the way I synchronize my Outlook pst between home and office. BUT the real question is, where is the information about the downloaded mails stored, and why is it kept as top secret?

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