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Moving outlook files from a damaged system

By Chris910 ·
I am looking into the best method for moving outlook emails from a damaged system (HD is Good)to a new working system.

I can connect the old HD to the new system.
But I am not sure if just moving the users outlook folder is going to do it.

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by NexS In reply to Moving outlook files from ...

I'm afraid i don't understand what your situation is... could you be a little clearer please?

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The motherboard failed on the old computer

by Chris910 In reply to re:

The motherboard failed on the old computer and rather than replacing the motherboard a new computer was purchased. Now I would like to get the outlook data (emails and contacts) from the old Hard disk and import them to Outlook on the new system.

I am aware that I could put the HD in a another old computer, update/ install drivers, then export the outlook data, and then import that data to the new system but, I was asking to see if there was a less complicated way to retrieve the data directly from the old Hard drive.

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by NexS In reply to The motherboard failed on ...

i suppose you could set the hard disk from the broken PC to a slave and plug it directly into computer with another data cable (whether it be SATA or whatever)and you should be able to see the other disk.
I would, however, suggest you turn the PC off before opening the case up.
EDIT: and unplug *ALL* power cables

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That's not what I was looking for

by Chris910 In reply to well...

I have the connectivity issues down pat. I am looking for specifics on methods for importing the old Outlook data.

My 15 years experience is with Novell products not Microsofts Outlook.

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by NexS In reply to That's not what I was loo ...

in that case...
The personal data for out look lives (default) C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

as for the actual emails, was outlook set up for a business email address (ie: exchange server)? Because if that's the case, then you can log this user onto any computer (assuming roaming profiles are enabled) and connect without any issues...

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No Exchange Server

by Chris910 In reply to ok..

The email is from a gmail account and was not left on the server.

Just to be clear: if I copy the files from the C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\ Microsoft\Outlook folder to the equivelant folder on the new system and it will be recognised when outlook is Started

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generally speaking.. should be right

by NexS In reply to No Exchange Server

that is if your new system is windows xp.

I've not set up MS outlook with a gmail account before.. but i think the emails will remain on the gmail servers...

just to be clear, if you access gmail via web access, are all the emails there?
if so, then you should be able to set up the outlook as you did in the first place

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The emails are no longer available on the server .

by Chris910 In reply to The motherboard failed on ...

the email was brought to the local machine and and deleted from the server so I need to recover the emails from the .PST file.

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by NexS In reply to The emails are no longer ...

After having a bit of an online search (google is your friend), it seems to me that you would have to have created the .PST file before the computer died.

It might be worth copying the Docs&settings stuff over.. but i can't promise anything...

Perhaps if someone else has experienced this they can help you more completely...

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Here is how I resolved the problem

by Chris910 In reply to Moving outlook files from ...

This may not be the easyist or best way but it worked.
1) I copied the Outlook data from the old HD. (C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook)
2) Using a Windows XP Virtual machine -- Created a user account and then created an outlook account. I then coppied the Outlook data to the proper location and re opened outlook. At this point I could access all of the emails.
3) from there I did a manual backup-dragging all of the emails into temporary folders.
4) On the Windows 7 box I opened Windows mail, added the new account and manually setup the mailbox. from there I simply dragged the old emails from the temporary folders to the inbox and subfolders.

The Contacts I copied to my temporary XP machine and then exported as a CSV. They then imported in Windows Mail easily (I tried to import the .WAB unsucessfuly)

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