moving print server from domainA to domainB

By qube78 ·
We are in the middle of breaking away from our parent company and a few things still reside on their network. One being OUR print server. All of our users in our company are pointed to that print server and we want to move it from their domain to ours. So i guess the question would be
1) what would the ramifications be if we simply added the print server to our domain.
2) would i have to remap the printer on all the user? if so is there a tool or a script that will allow me to do that?

thank you for any help!

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by Kenone In reply to moving print server from ...

What kind of trust relationship is setup between the two domains? Can you preserve the IP address when you move it? Are users in the other domain using it as well? How are the workstations being mapped to the server now? login script?
I would probably just set up a new print server in the new domain, load the printers on it, and start moving people over bit by bit. Print servers aren't hardware intensive, ****, I've used an old workstation as a print server.

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thank for the reply Kenone

by qube78 In reply to Maybe

the trust between the domains is nontransitive. the ip address on the print server is set manually to our ip address scheme of 10.x.x.x.
users on the other domain arent using it and the physical box resides here at the new location (domainb). currently all the printers ip address that are loaded on the print server uses OUR 10.x.x.x scheme.

the users arent being mapped via login script, the printers are just added by directing them to the print server and loading it that way manually, we do this for every new user that comes aboard.

It's just the domain the print server is showing is domainA.local and we want to add it to our domain (domainB.local)

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Should work then

by Kenone In reply to thank for the reply Kenon ...

Try it and see, you can always put it back. I think you might have path problems though.

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by qube78 In reply to Should work then

is there a tool or a script that will re-establish the paths to the printer so i wont have to touch every machine in the company?

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