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    Moving programs/data to new computer


    by jans3125 ·

    My laptop is windows 2000 new one is Vista. How do I move/copy my complete (programs included) into my new computer. Most of the programs that I use I no longer have the install disk, how do I get them into the new computer. I would like to continue using some of them.
    Thanks for any help. Janet

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      by jans3125 ·

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      Use Easy transfer wizard

      by ken ·

      In reply to Moving programs/data to new computer

      Use the Vista easy transfer wizard.
      Start>Acessories> system tools>windows easy transfer.Setup both computers on the same network. Start the wizard and follow the instructions.
      The programs have to be reinstalled. You can’t just copy them since they won’t get setup in the registry.

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      Rather than use a network connection …

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to Moving programs/data to new computer

      Which would be easiest by using a Crossover Cable, I’m a bit concerned that Vista (which has difficulties ‘seeing’ Win XP) may have difficulties with Windows 2000.

      You might find file transfer easier (if slightly more time consuming) by using a flash ram thumb drive.

      As the previous poster has said, transfer of existing installed Programs will not be possible. Those will require installing on the new Vista machine (if they are compatible with Vista).

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