moving programs from master drive to slave drive

By rickawienecke ·
Hi all, this is the first time using this site. My question is this. I have a master and slave hard drive and I would like to take the two programs that use the most memory and put them along with all the files on the slave and I would like them to operate just as they did on the master drive. I wish to move all my music and photo stuff to slave drive. iTunes, MusicMatch. Adobe CS2 and Elements 3.0
Thanks very much for any help you can give me. Rick

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to moving programs from mast ...

You will have to reinstall the programme to that drive.Then navigate to c\:documents and settings\<your folder>\sendto.Right click on a blank space in the window and select new/shortcut.A box will appear and navigate to the slave drive.Click next,next,finish.Then go to where your files are located,select all,right click and send to and select your slave drive.Your programmes on the slave drive will already register the files transfered.Then delete the the files and programmes off your primary drive.

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Thanks very much for quickly responding to my question. I will try it

by rickawienecke In reply to reinstall

thanks I will try this and see the results. Thanks too for a quick reply. Rick

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If you are using some form of XP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to moving programs from mast ...

Just right Click on My Documents scroll down to proprieties and change the place that they are stored to D;/Your Name/My Documents. That will move all the files like MP3 and data that is stored in the My Documents Folder to your Slave Drive. and keep any policies that you have applied like keeping your files Private or Encrypted if you have chosen these.

If you have Encrypted your Data remember to back it up without the encryption of if your Windows Install Crashes you'll have a pile of unusable junk saved.

As for the software it's easier to remove it and then reboot and do a custom install where you install the programs to the D Drive instead of the C;/Programs & Files/Program Name so when you chose to install the software you'll see a destination of C:/Program & Files/Whatever click on Change Browse or whatever is available and delete the Program & Folders bit and change the C to D so it should look something like this /ITunes for I Tunes /MusicMatch and so on with the different programs.


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Hi, thanks much I will give it a try

by rickawienecke In reply to If you are using some for ...

Wow, what a quick reply to my question. thanks much. Rick

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